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Hei. Hi. Hallo.

 I'm Simone, Service Designer, currently 

 working and living in Helsinki – Finland. 

My professional roots are in industrial design, and the intersection of design & sustainability. It excites me to work with and for people, and collaboratively create something inspiring, useful and functional for people and the planet. 

My most recent role as a Service Designer in a small, digital start-up focusing on the construction industry and its digitalisation has brought together nicely what drives me: bringing the humans’ and planet’s perspective to projects. The construction industry has a huge impact on sustainability – and many entry points for change towards a more sustainable future. 

My professional expertise as a Service Designer is now shaped by working in a digital team, but I still aim to approach design processes from a broader angle. It is all about people's experience and interaction with products, each other and the world. 

Being part of a multidisciplinary, digital team working in an agile way – but also partnering with stakeholders from big corporations let me stay flexible, adapt quickly and compare iterative design processes with other ways of working. 


Photo: Mikko Rajala

what I am proud of…

…maintaining great relations with everyone I’ve worked with. My co-workers describe me as positive minded, supportive and having a can-do attitude.

…learning Finnish and getting better every day. Yes, it is challenging – but I am glad that I start to have sensible conversations in Finnish.

…the workshops, research and interviews conducted – and even better if you get to hear: “Interesting…this is a hard to answer but very important question!”


Photo: Mikko Rajala


Photo: Liubov Vetoshkina

what inspires me in life…

…are nature and connecting with other people. I have a never-ending admiration for what surrounds us – be it nature, well designed products and services or great experiences (concerts, exhibitions, …).

Being active, e.g. in Karate and climbing teach me to persistently improve, be focused – and prepares me for new challenges.

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