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Interviewing and mock-up testing potential users with the team. 

the relevancy

We wanted to share service design thinking and collaborative methods with our partner – while applying them in practice. Utilising a mock-up as a conversation piece to simultaneously understand current ways of working and future use-cases proofed to be a suitable process.


Outlining the user-testing 

and use case validation.


Enhancing a concept with user testing, service design and UX/UI expertise | HEAL & Stora Enso | 2020


service desing responsible | use-cases | interviews | user validation & testing | report

the project & the need

The HEAL design team collaborated with a Stora Enso project owner on this project. We worked on the validation and further development of an existing concept for a digital application. The goal of this collaboration was to give the project owner a researched and tested foundation to support the continuation of the project.

We assisted and consulted with HEALs expertise in user-centricity, mock-up creation, iterative testing and UX and service design.

the methods & the process



current ways of working & 

validation of the use cases 

general questions about 

the concept idea 

testing the concept mock-up 

Our research process included the development of use-cases and outlining the potential user profiles. User interviews, validating the concept with them, creating a mock-up and user-testing it helped us defining the users' needs (jobs to be done) and storylines. 

The data collected, the defined storylines and needs as well as the insights from the iterative mock-up testing funnelled in a clear understanding and recommendations – for how information could be displayed and which features of the digital application to bring forward.

the outcome & the impact

We delivered a tested and iterated mock-up of the initial concept. Additionally, we summarised, analysed and presented the insights, qualitative and quantitative data collected in a report. We furthermore suggested potential (feature) additions and next steps.

In collaborating with the project owner throughout the process, we could strengthen the position of design processes and user-insights in their field of work.


Interview summary page from our final project report delivered to the project owner.

my lessons learned

Mock-ups as conversation piece for user insights and feedback gathering

Collaborating with a project owner from a big organisation (Stora Enso)

Sharing design & agile processes, as well as service design methods through collaboration

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