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Enhancing design, research & collaboration processes through workshops | HEAL | 2019-2020

the projects & the relevancy

Over the past years, I got to work on numerous design workshops – one of the key competencies as a Service Designer. My team and I facilitated collaboration, alignment, ideation, innovation and concept creation – offline and online.

It is ever so important to understand the goal and potential participants – to design, prepare and conduct the most fruitful event possible.


Photo: Etel Niemelä


Warm-up exercise with the HEAL team.

my lessons learned

Adapting the design and facilitation of workshops to set goals and participants

Fast adjustment of processes due to changing situations, e.g. moving 100% online

Creating a methods toolkit for the team – compiling suitable service design methods

Having a well attuned facilitation team – understanding situations similarly, co-facilitate spontaneously, and improvise quickly

collaboration & ideation workshop

Stora Enso & industry partners | Graz, Austria | spring 2019

role workshop lead | planning & facilitation | summarising & communicating results

We facilitated a collaboration and ideation workshop with participants from Stora Enso and their wood construction specific partners. The goal was to understand needs and opportunity areas in acting jointly and building on existing ideas.

The HEAL team planned and facilitated a full day workshop in German that resulted in fruitful, continuous discussion and kicked-off progressing with an existing digital application. Down the line, the application was co-developed together with HEAL as a cross-platform timber installation app.


Photo: Saara Kaikkonen

alignment workshop for future project cooperation

HEAL & glass industry partners | Helsinki | spring 2020

role workshop planning & facilitation, teamwork on next steps

We planned and facilitated a one day workshop for participants from the glass industry and HEAL experts. The goal was to align our thinking and take steps towards potential future collaboration on proof of concepts (POCs) or service design projects – but also entailed a presentation and testing session of existing POCs developed by HEAL.

Photo: Etel Niemelä

(online) innovation processes

HEAL | Helsinki + online | 2019-2020

role online planning & facilitation| methods library

Together as a team, we established offline innovation days and online innovation cycles. It was our proactive way to push innovation based on insights and to suggest new areas to research and work on. We aimed to establish an environment in which (existing) knowledge can inspire new development. 

For the online innovation processes, the design team not only created structured processes, but also compiled a methods toolkit for the whole team – to use independently or in planned sessions. Altogether, we facilitated and consulted over 10 (online) innovation sessions. 

For more detail on remote innovation, watch our webinar


Facilitating an online session with the team. 


The methods toolkit on an online whiteboard.

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